Sour Candy

Sour Candy Cabaret Show supported "Girl About and Alternatives" charity and the shows performances used this charity as the creative drive behind them.

In the first half of the show, the performances were positive, and focused on female empowerment, with performers such as Nimi Kesh and Sammy Silver performing stand ups, Lottie Strevens and Mimi Calypso performing solos such as "Fever" and "I wanna be Evil", a return of the very popular drag performance of "Two Ladies" from the last Cabaret show "Cabaret 4 Cancer", and Comedy Sketches adapted from Queer Coconuts, a film by Bath Spa Acting Students.

The second half took on a darker side, looking at abusive relationships and how they affect victims, by following the course of a abusive relationship through song, which included the songs Candyman, Baby (you've got what it takes), Bound to you, Cell Block Tango and a mash up of Beyonces best, including Irreplaceable and If I were a boy.

The show was a massive success, and raised not only funds for the charity, but also awareness of domestic abuse.