Nazanin's Story

2017 Autumn Tour

"Nazanin's Story" is  based on the true, and ongoing story, of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. The play begins on the 3rd April 2016 when Nazanin, and her baby daughter Gabriella, were taken by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. 

Called 'entertaining and inspiring' and 'Dynamic and Immediate', it was Long listed for the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award, and rated 4 stars by the Independent and The List.

 "Nazanin's Story"  is 'political theatre at its best', with the play continually evolving as her story develops. 

We are asking for a message from you of what you would do if you only had One Day of Freedom. These messages will be turned into a book and given to Nazanin and her family when they come home. Every weekend, Nazanin, Richard and Gabriella will choose one suggestion to complete to help them get back into normal family life. If you would like to leave a message please do so.

Our Cast

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